The social web of things by Ericsson Research

January 6, 2013 12:20 pm

The social web of thingsEricsson Research released two videos detailing their vision of the “internet of things” using M2M chips. They are quite nice and have a few interesting and very practical ideas in them – aside from the obvious privacy concerns connected to my surroundings knowing so much about me.




I don’t envision all my devices to act that much “human-like” in the future but the way it is presented in these videos is quite funny and in a way this style of communication with your things would make a lot of people feel much more comfortable and natural in their daily life.

One thing I sure hope is that we won’t get to a point where staying at home with all your “things” will be superior to spending time with real humans as the main character does at the end of video one. But thinking about it, that might already be a reality in todays life…

Ericsson Research – The social web of things

Written by Florian Beer