tado° – your heating just got smart

March 16, 2013 9:00 pm

tado° livingroom

I recently found tado°, a german company that got me very excited for two different reasons: they offer a service similar to the Nest thermostat available for european residents right now and second, they offer quite an interesting location aware twist to it.

While in this initial test phase tado° sends you a device free of charge that replaces your normal household thermostat and a small WiFi bridge that connects to your router. From that point on you are able to remotely control your heating, see different statistics and make adjustments via your mobile device or their webapp. To make things more interesting, tado° is location aware. It senses your whereabouts via the mobile app and automatically starts heating up your apartment when you are on your way home from work for example. The device is intelligent in a way that it learns your patterns and tries to adjust the room temperature for the times you are usually at home or on the move and also connects to third party weather services to anticipate the amount of heating you’ll require according to local conditions.

Below is a (german) video explaining how to set up tado°


The company promises to help you save money on your heating bill and is currently developing a cost saving calculator with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. I have already ordered mine and will write about my experiences here, once it is set up.


tado° – your heating just got smart

Written by Florian Beer