Securing Linked Things

November 20, 2013 3:28 pm
Image: Some rights reserved by Hay Kranen Image: Some rights reserved by Hay Kranen


Devices are starting to communicate using the internet as their highway to reach out and connect to human beings or other “linked” things. This is good news and bad news as well – good because we can create a new way of living – bad news because …

What happens if somebody/something hijacks your sensors?

A lot of network companies start to realise that it is necessary to get their products up to date to address those needs – secure the Internet of Everything. At the moment most people do not care if the “linked thing” provider uses secure protocols or APIs which cannot be hacked or redirected to a malicious person very easily.

You do care in other parts of your life, why not if it comes to “linked” things?

If you own a house you put a door in place so that nobody can walk straight into your living room and you also put a lock on the door (some people use more than one). You also darken your windows with curtains to feel more save from the neighbours with their spying eyes. Some people also put cameras and light barriers besides their barking dog to save their privacy and the housekeeper only allows well-known guests to enter the property and still theft happens.

Linked Things are getting installed, without any thought about security, into your home place near your bed, on your chimney – controlling your heating system, linking your cameras and light barriers to the alarming system, playing music and so on. Your sprinkler is controlled by the weather forecast and your car gets the newest traffic information from the local radio station using a UMTS connections and showing you the best way based on your driving habits. What happens if somebody uses the internet to get into one of those linked things. The person or program is then digitally sitting in your car, your garden (besides your BBQ like a good friend) or in your living room (next to your couch controlling your heating system).

The more we get linked the more we have to talk security – Bruce Schneier, a security evangelist since the early days, is wrote several articles about the upcoming Internet of Everything and connected security concerns.

Seems scary – it somehow is – but we will manage a way around as we always did, using our enormous knowledge to fix things before bad things happen in the world of linked things.

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Written by Herbert Feutl