Oakley Airwave – Goggles with heads-up display

December 20, 2012 10:39 am

Oakley Airwave Goggle HUDOn October 31st Oakley released Airwave, a new type of goggles that  feature a very futuristic heads-up display (HUD) that let’s you see a wealth of information while you’re speeding down the side of a mountain on your snowboard or skis.



  • Speed and Altitude – See how fast you are going, your maximum speed and how much altitude you conquered on your last run.
  • Jump analytics – Measure airtime, max speed and distance.
  • Navigation – Use GPS to locate POIs on some 600 resort maps worldwide.
  • Music – Control your iPhone or Android music via Bluetooth.
  • Buddy location – Locate your friends who also have Airwave Goggles or the Smartphone App.
  • Smartphone connection – See text messages by your friends right in your HUD and respond with predefined messages.
  • API – Programmers can build their own 3rd party apps.

Everything can be navigated via a glove-friendly, wrist strapped remote.


I’m guessing these type of goggles will be a really big thing in the future. Maybe not this season, but definitely in the years to come, as they’ll drop in price and appeal to a broader audience.

Oakley Airwave – Technology that delivers the goods. Straight to your brain.

Written by Florian Beer