Ninja Blocks – connect things to the web

March 31, 2013 12:00 pm

Ninja Block

Ninja Blocks is a  device that connects things to the web without the need for any programming experience.

The main device is a little open-sourced hardware device based on a small Linux computer, that connects to your WiFi and one or more sensors around your home. It features a little “hack me” tag with which you can open the box and augment the hardware according to your own ideas.

Currently there are sensors for temperature, motion, humidity, doors/windows as well as a wireless doorbell and remote switchable buttons.


The company offers a cloud based platform where you can easily define rules and alerts and a few apps for the most common use cases. An API enables you to create your own apps, or integrate Ninja Blocks and it’s connected devices into your own system.

Ninja Blocks – easily connect things to the web

Written by Florian Beer