Lockitron Keyless Entry System

December 11, 2012 5:30 pm

LocitronLockitron is a clever door lock that connects to a mobile app and lets you remotely lock and unlock your front door. With this device you’ll never have to turn around your car see if you forgot to properly secure your home, the status of the lock is always available on your mobile. It will even send you push notifications if your door gets unlocked when you’re away.

The app also has a feature that let’s you manage friend lists. So you can grant access to your spouse, friends or colleagues permanently or temporarily. As a special feature you can activate “Sense”, a proximity sensing function using Bluetooth to automatically unlock your door when you approach.


In the future there are also plans to link Lockitron to the Doorbot system enabling you to unlock your front door from the backyard, or your holiday house from the office.

Lockitron – Keyless entry using your phone.

Written by Florian Beer