Little Printer – personalised news in friendly form

March 30, 2013 11:00 am

Little Printer

Little Printer is a device that you could keep at your breakfast table that prints out news, puzzles, recipes or a multitude of other content for you to take along.

Little Printer’s smart phone app lets you subscribe to different publications and set the time interval, when you’d like to get updates. The list of publications ranges from helpful like “Do I Need My Umbrella?”, birthday reminders or a daily schedule gathered from Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and more, to the obscure like “Daily Monster” or “Ridiculous Birds of New Zealand”.


Friends can also send you short messages and print them out on your little printer remotely.
Would you use such a device for your daily entertainment and amusement or do you think this is useless and unnecessary?
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Little Printer – A miniature newspaper

Written by Florian Beer