Linquet Mini – never lose anything again

March 29, 2013 11:00 am

Linquet Mini

Linquet Mini is a little device about the size of a key fob and a battery life of about 1 year, that prevents you from losing your valuables.

Linquet Mini connects to your smart phone and alerts you when it gets out of range. So put one in your wallet or on your key ring, attach it to your pets collar or put it in your bag. Alerts work in two ways: you’ll get a push notification on your phone when the device is too far away and Linquet Mini itself starts to blink, vibrate and sound an alarm. That means if you have one of the devices in your wallet and forget your phone at home, it will remind you as soon as you step out of a definable radius.


Linquet Mini also works in reverse mode, so you could put it in your luggage and get an alert once it comes near you at the belt at the airport. It features a little programmable button that offers a range of different uses for instance as a camera remote control. According to the developers, an API is in the work to enable developers to come up with more great uses on how to use this device.

Linquet App

Are you one of those people who likes to lose things? How would you use Linquet Mini?
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Linquet Mini – anti-loss device

Written by Florian Beer