More – smart connected coffee bean jar

May 12, 2015 11:45 am
Staying caffeinated has never been easier.‘s smart coffee jar keeps your beans fresh. The jar features an airtight lid, a ceramic bean storage container, and a smart inventory monitor with user replaceable batteries. - iPhoneThe smart coffee jar sends data to your smartphone in the background via Bluetooth LE. When an update is ready, your phone will be the messenger. Notifications include low coffee reminders, requesting confirmation of an upcoming shipment, and shipment notifications. als features a “full auto mode” for the ultimate in peace of mind and convenience, you can also find the cbd vapes in our site for a better and healthier use of your app. You’ll get notifications when your coffee is roasted and shipped. They offer multiple selections for optimizing your queue automatically for a truly hands-off coffee experience.

The service is due to launch in December 2015.

Written by Florian Beer