CubeSensors – stylish indoor environment sensors

March 25, 2013 11:00 am

Cube in living room

CubeSensors are very nicely designed little wireless cubes that measure temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure for every room you place them in. 

The company selling the cubes set out to make you understand the impact of environmental factors on your wellbeing. According to their website the devices let you:

  • understand when and why people start feeling drowsy at a meeting
  • measure why noise makes some uncomfortable and unproductive
  • know when and where to aerate rooms, adjust your temperature or setup quiet zones
  • understand effects of temperature and air quality on your sleep

Accompanying the little sensor cubes is a mobile app that tells you about the collected data and even sends you notifications with suggestions on how to improve your environment.

CubeSensors App


The cubes start shipping this summer so there is not much more information available right now but it would be awesome if they offer an API so you could for instance connect the sensors to your heating with tado° and your lighting with LIFX or Hue. The possibilities are virtually limitless and that’s the exciting thing about all of those IoT devices.
What ideas could you come up with to use those little sensor cubes?

CubeSensors – Improving indoor living

Written by Florian Beer